We love cheese!


Few things light up the pleasure centers of the mammalian brain like a fresh cut chunk of temperature controlled semi-hard cheese. Eating good cheese is a great luxury and it touches something deep. It's rich, buttery, salty and satisfying, and carries with it the memory of it's formative landscape and conditions. For us, the folks over at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co.are making some of the best cheeses west of the Atlantic.

It isn't uncommon for us busy bodies to forfeit the roast chicken plans for a Dinner Plate bejeweled with moldy cheeses, jam, nuts and crackers. There's something about that attic-y blue that literally takes your breath away, and that young aged, gentle farmers cheese that keeps you coming back for more. All we are saying is— short on dinner ideas or too lazy to execute? Pick yourself up some quality cheeses from Point Reyes, arrange them on a plate proportional to your hunger, and dinner is done. 

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