Cooking with Charlie Ann Max

Cooking with Charlie Ann Max

Charlie Ann Max and Tara Thomas prepare a vegan goddess dish with roast carrots and farro.


Charlie Ann Max is a multidisciplinary artist currently based between Los Angeles and New York City. Charlie is intentional about connecting humanity back to our most pure self in everything she creates. Whether she is modeling, being a vegan chef or an activist; A transformative experience of connection and purity can always be expected. As an advocate for body positivity, wellness and anti-censorship, Charlie’s work pushes the boundaries of natural expression and liberation.


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“I’m passionate about sharing meals with people I love. When I host, it’s important for me to create a dynamic ambiance for my guests— food, music, decorations, and even dishware are all small but important parts of creating a unique experience.

My favorite products from East Fork help me to curate the exact vibe I’m going for. The simple, neutral colors perfectly complement every meal I make. Their ceramics are thoughtfully hand-crafted, and when I use them, I can feel that they’re as durable as the ancient land their clay comes from.

East Fork has helped me level up my hosting game. The dishware, the candles, the tea accessories, and the seriously unique serving spoons (gold and seashell are my favorites!) have become crucial contributions to curating the dinner parties of my dreams.” — Charlie Ann Max

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Nicely done!! Beautiful neutral colors and nice accents for delightful dinner parties!!

Renee Max

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