Connie Matisse makes Green Creamed Soup

Green Creamed Soup

Y’all, the instructions were very clear. And I made the instructions! I had no excuse. What do I think I am, above the law? The boss? An abuser of power? We were all supposed to make the recipe we’d mutually agreed upon to a T and report back on how it went. And I didn’t, I couldn’t. I went rogue.

I’m not proud that I can’t manage to follow a recipe. I’m not trying to boast or call myself a more evolved cook. Following a recipe exactly as written, especially for cuisines that you didn’t grow up eating, makes all the sense in the world to me.

On the left, Green Creamed Soup. On the right, Pea and Lettuce Soup. At this point I forget which one I was originally tasked with making. This green soup you see here is both of them and also kind of neither of them, crammed together, pretty artlessly. I couldn’t find watercress but I’d already had it in my head that I was going to be making a pureed soup, so I could gather together leeks, potatoes, onions, peas, parsley, dill, mint, fennel tops, cream, stock, butter, salt, and pepper and put it all in the Vitamix. It tasted good, not great, but I’m biased against soups that are all one texture, so i don’t know why I assigned myself this recipe in the first place. When I eat pureed soups I feel like a baby and wonder why, having been given the gift of teeth, I’m not putting them to use.

This blog post is not really fair to this/these recipes, and I think, if you’re a soup person and you’re looking for something easy and healthy that you could also feed a baby, you can put a lot of green things in a pot with onions and a little diced potato and liquid and have yourself a nice little meal. that’ll fit in a mason jar and be transportable to work. Though if you’re me, you’d leave it on the floor of your car, forget about it entirely, and eat Doritos for lunch like you did the day before.

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Connie, You made me chuckle, I too am an anti soup person although I do indulge in them once in a great while. It all sounds good. I think I will enjoy the soup and the Doritos not together. Keep cookin, keep doing all the wonderful things you do. Always love your blog.

Jane Kenneway

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