Our Go-To Snacks

Sep 10, 2019 • Team Asheville

Our Go-To Snacks

Our Go-To Snacks

Sushi? Cake? Ground Beef? Moms and dads of East Fork share their kids' favorite after school snacks.

Options are endless when it comes to the perfect snack, as evidenced by the children of East Fork. This week we asked all the kids what their go-to is for when they get a little hungry before dinner. Keep reading:

Savannah + Barrett

Fave snack: Breastmilk mornin', noon, and night. 

- - - - -

Jeff + Jean

Fave snack: Ground beef

- - - - -

Zoe, Matt + Autry

Fave snack: Homemade raisins and a mid rare filet

- - - - -

Nicole, Asher + Isla

Asher's fave snack: Anchovies, smoked salmon (a.k.a. "fish style"), sushi, squid, or crab

Isla's fave snack: Yogurt squeezers and peanut butter

- - - - -

Connie, Lui + Vita

Vita's Fave Snack: Salmon sashimi and cake

Lui's Fave Snack: Berries and salted nuts in tiny bowls and steamed whole milk with vanilla and cinnamon. 

- - - - -

What's your go-to snack for your kid or yourself? Comment below!

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  • Cynthia

    This time of year it’s always watermelon!

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