yakitori chicken on yaki yaki san

Yakitori is perhaps the most quintessential and deeply satisfying street food in Japan—best enjoyed late night after a few drinks. A distinct memory for me is spending balmy weekend evenings on St. Marks Place in NYC, buzzed off of cheap pours of Kirin served in numbily cold clear glass mugs trying out the different yakitori offerings at all of the neighboring Izakayas. The options are practically infinite for what you can put on a skewer and grill over smoldering charcoal, but all are delicious.

- Pieces of chicken: thighs, liver, heart, oyster (where the thigh meets the back), or use King Oyster mushroom or tempeh instead
- Tamari (or your favorite soy sauce)
- Miren
- Ginger
- Black pepper
- Olive oil
- Dried chili peppers

Make the marinade using proportions to taste. Add the chicken and let sit overnight or for at least three hours. Heat the grill then brush it with oil before adding chicken. Cook until done, striving for a nice char.

Recipe for Yakitori Chicken

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