A Morning With Elah Hale

A Morning With Elah Hale

Elah Hale shares her morning and how she incorporates her favorite East Fork pieces into her morning routine. Plus an exclusive interview on art, music, and cooking at home.


Elah Hale is a musician and songwriter originally from New York and currently based in Los Angeles. Having just turned 20, her music radiates a lush confidence that speaks to her exponential trajectory, self-releasing as a 17-year-old to inking a deal with Interscope Records only three years later. She describes her music as “a universal friend,” as if her songs are just a friend talking to you. Her music ranges from touching to playful to painful and back with a keen sensibility for creating memorable music. Her introspective lyrics traverse the joy and heartbreak that multidimensional intimacy and relationships, not just romance, afford. Follow Elah at @elahhale.


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