Brass Pens From Kaweco

Brass Pens From Kaweco

A few days ago I went on a hike with a poet friend; noting the foggy clouds stuck between tree lines and the early fall chill in the air: "this is haiku weather," she declared.  

Summer's end is bittersweet, but haiku weather is real, and haiku weather means back to school.  As a 20-something postgrad, this doesn't change much about my daily life beyond the delightful early morning return of backpacked children skipping to their bus stops ahead of coffee-slurping parents.  Fortunately I've found that the special feeling of possibility that comes with returns to familiar routines is universal, and that back-to-school nostalgia is pretty easily accessed whenever I use a new, really good pen.

These brass pens from Kaweco that we recently started carrying at our Asheville store have reignited my deep affinity for special writing implements that's stayed dormant since a mildly obsessive gel pen collecting phase in middle school.  Kaweco is a pen factory originally founded in Heidelberg, Germany in 1883 that produces high-quality, thoughtfully designed pens and pencils meant for long-term, everyday use. 

Liliput Wave - Is clicky vs. capped a two-types-of-people sort of thing?  If so I'd normally take myself for capped, but (silly as it may sound) this one's a dream to click.  Tiny enough to keep in your pocket!

Liliput Capped - This one's the perfect purse pen.  With an ingenious screw-cap, you won't have to worry about getting ink in your bag or losing the cap - it screws right on to the pen's end during use.

Kaweco Sport Brass - In Kaweco's iconic octagonal design, the Sport pen is the real showstopper.  If my workspace were more welcoming than a table piled with fabric scraps, half-finished drawings, and dozens of scribbled lists (most of which include "clean studio"), I'd keep this one displayed on my desk.


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