Everybody Deserves A Home

Everybody Deserves A Home

“We envision a day when the poor and vulnerable among us will no longer be ignored but treated with compassion and decency. We envision a day when any homeless person, regardless of psychiatric disabilities, substance abuse problems, medical issues, or financial poverty, can move directly into service-enriched permanent housing and become a productive member of society.” — Homeward Bound 

We have some pretty special pots to start off the year...

An East Fork Tea Set

An East Fork Tea Set in Night Swim.

RAFFLE CLOSED: $5 enters you for a chance to win 1 of 2 tea sets, handmade in the Small Batch Studio at East Fork. Buy one or ten—either way, 100% of it is going to Homeward Bound. We’ll draw a winner for each set at random Friday, February 7th. 

And may we take this chance to remind you: these are the only ones that exist on Earth!
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Your pottery is wonderful!

Roberta Gruber

I would be so grateful to share and display this gorgeous set on my table, thinking positive :)

Susan Stephen

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