Harvest Moon Pottery

In the Season of Harvest Moon

Harvest moon pottery

Harvest Moon is among the first of the seasonal glazes that East Fork ever offered, right around four years ago. Offered for a finite period of time, these are the glazes that complement our more neutral, always-available colors, the what’s-your-favorite-color colors, something nostalgic, maybe.

For us, Harvest Moon came along during a period of transition in East Fork’s history. We were on the verge of moving our operations off the potter’s wheel and onto bigger machines, with a bigger workforce, a factory where an old barn had been. So, for us this golden ochre is a reminder of continuity, the cycles that bring comfort, patterns like trees slowly starting to glow then drop their leaves, patience of and in and with winter, then to begin again.

For you, it could be something else entirely. Maybe you had a grandparent who loved peanut brittle and you get that little reminder, something you may have lost otherwise, when you look at Harvest Moon. You see sunsets in the country outside your hometown when you and your friends had just started to drive cars. Or, that’s not it at all: it’s the light streaming off the buildings in your city when work is over for the day and you hit the streets. It’s

Harvest Moon is a keeper of memories, a universal (leaf piles turning gold as they dry out) that pulls off the feat of the personal, too (and this is how they smelled, how they felt as they got stuck in the sleeves of our sweatshirts).

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