Night Swim & Friends...

Oct 28, 2019 • Connie Matisse

Night Swim & Friends...

Night Swim & Friends...

Night Swim is an unexpected JOY to behold alongside so many past East Fork seasonals.

Dear Night Swim, Meet your new friends
Minimalism, who!?
When we started pulling Night Swim samples out of the kiln we figured it'd be relegated to be served up next to a digestible palette of neutrals like Eggshell and Morel. 
Actually, last week a customer emailed Customer Care asking how Big Sky and Night Swim would look together.  The Care Team asked me what I thought and I rapid-responded with a barf emoji.
I take it back, though! Night Swim is an unexpected JOY to behold alongside so many past East Fork seasonals.  These off-kilter color combos have us very excited about doing a big ol' photoshoot ten years from now with the wild color family we end up accumulating.

I'll say that if I were starting fresh, I'd gravitate toward the Night Swim, Eggshell, Morel combo, but if you're sitting on a fresh set of Pollen feeling like you have to pass on Night Swim for fear of clashing, we hope these images give you the confidence to go for BOLD.

What do you think? Which combo is your unexpected favorite?

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  • Twylia Malinowski

    I have eggshell dinner plates and soapstone bowls- I would love to see a nightswim salad plate with this combo!!

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