Our Favorite Glaze Combinations

Our Favorite Glaze Combinations

Active Glazes:


Active, released Fall 2020

Amaro with other glazes


Active, released November 2016

Eggshell with other glazes
Eggshell with other glazes


Active, released Nov 2016

Morel  with other glazes

Panna Cotta

Active, released Fall 2020

Panna Cotta with other glazes

Harvest Moon

Active (Seasonal), Fall 2017 & Summer 2021

Harvest Moon with other glazes


Active (Seasonal), Nov 2016 - Summer 2020 & Autumn 2021

Soapstone  with other glazes

Retired Glazes:

Big Sky

Retired, Spring & Summer 2019

Big Sky  with other glazes

Blue Ridge

Retired, Summer 2017 - Summer 2018

Blue Ridge with other glazes
Blue Ridge with other glazes


Retired, Spring & Summer 2019

Celery  with other glazes


Retired, Summer 2020

Lapis  with other glazes


Retired, Summer 2018 & Spring 2020

Malibu with other glazes


Retired, Fall & Winter 2018

Molasses  with other glazes

Night Swim

Retired, Fall & Winter 2019-2020

Night Swim with other glazes


Retired, Dec 2020 & June 2021

Orchard with other glazes

Peachy Keen

Retired, Dec 2020 & June 2021

Peachy Keen with other glazes


Retired (Seasonal), Winter 2021

Pinto with other glazes
Pinto with other glazes


Retired, Winter 2018

Poinsettia with other glazes


Retired, Summer 2019

Pollen  with other glazes


Retired, Winter 2020

Prune with other glazes


Retired (Seasonal), Spring 2018 & Spring 2021

Taro with other glazes

Tequila Sunrise

Retired, Spring 2020

Tequila Sunrise with other glazes


Retired, Spring 2018

Utah with other glazes

What's your favorite combination?

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I would love to see Lapis come back ~ I’m new to East Fork, so have missed out on so many fun colors that have been retired.

I would also suggest a “Sea Salt” glaze – kind of a light green with a slight touch of grey that almost changes colors depending on the lighting it’s in and makes you think of salty mornings sitting on a balcony over looking the ocean 🤍☕️🌊

Betsy Bodziak

Do you have any plans to bring back the Mars or Molasses mug back ? Thanks

Jerry reeves

I would love to see Malibu comeback I see the color and dream of sea glass on the beach. Maybe the next glaze could be inspired by sea glass :)

Pam Purvis

I noticed some retired glazes.

Do you ever un-retire any of the retired colors for special and/or limited edition runs?

Also, I thought I saw a glaze in your grouping that said “Moroccan.” But, as I searched, it was nowhere to be found.

Am I perhaps hopelessly wishing and dreaming?


I would love to get my hands on Prune, Big Sky and Lapis.


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