Scenic Route No. 4

Scenic Route No. 4

Today you'll begin (something), you'll feel lazy or motivated or inspired or sleepy or excited to keep going or resolved to make changes.  Or all of this or none of this or, probably, somewhere in between.  You should let yourself wander through the following delightful things, then go for a stroll by yourself in the cold.

 Caroline Walls on  Sight Unseen . Caroline Walls on Sight Unseen . [/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="830.0"]         [/caption]


Sight Unseen profiled Melbourne artist Caroline Walls, who paints abstract nudes that feel pop, contemporary, and timeless all at once.


Stella Bugbee's November editor's letter for The Cut is a broken down yet salient summary of the moment, and it might make you feel a little less hopeless.



Independent audiobook publisher / local sweethearts Talking Book recently started a podcast, and we love it for offbeat interviews with authors you won't find anywhere else.



Somehow I forgot about this banger by Janet Jackson until a couple weeks ago, but have been making up for lost time by playing it in the store... a lot.

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