The Pottery Peep Show

The Pottery Peep Show

Pottery Peep Show is a glimpse into the cabinets and closets of serious East Fork collectors, dishing the dishes with our own Annie Schambach.

Pottery Peep Show is a glimpse into the cabinets and closets of serious East Fork collectors, dishing the dishes with our own Annie Schambach.

Episode 5

with Erika Knox


Erika Knox was minding her own business one day in December 2018, attending an East Fork Seconds sale with her friend who wanted to check out some glazes because she was putting together a wedding registry. There, Erika found pots in Poinsettia and Malt. She traces her East Fork obsession, yes, her words for it, to that very moment. When and where did yours start?


In this episode, Erika puts together some jaw-dropping glaze combinations, and it doesn't stop there. She dreams of cherry tomatoes against Malibu glaze and then she goes and picks them. She also sets us straight about whether ice cream belongs in a Soup Bowl or an Ice Cream Bowl. (Thanks, Erika!) And for the first time ever, a Pottery Peepshow guest takes us on a tour. Check out the Zinnia garden she gets to walk beside in the warmer months. Erika lives in color and we love it!

Episode 4

with Brian Patrick Davis


Brian Patrick Davis is the kind of person who, when asked for a fun fact about him, tells you he loves his cat. Well, we love Brian, his cat (Hi, Isabel!) and his copious collection of East Fork pottery, which includes among the year-round glazes, lots of Molasses, some Ember, In The Pines and 30 mugs. Thirty mugs.


How to manage all those mugs? Oh, we envy such problems. Check out Brian's strategic use of a mug tree for the ones that "make the cut." Brian is an Asheville local who sees great importance in East Fork's partnering with the Campaign for Southern Equality, the beneficiary of the proceeds of our Equality Mug, which is why it stays on the tree. He's also eager to get back in the shop and, as he put it, stimulate the local economy.

Episode 3

with Ashley Yoakley


The third Pottery Peep Show is here and this time around, we're charmed by Ashley Yoakley and her East Fork haul, which began innocently enough with an experiment: one Everyday Bowl in Eggshell and another in Soapstone, "just to try them out," she said. At first, she wondered if she'd use her pieces every day...


Two years and a big table stacked high with everything from Weeknight Serving Bowls in Utah and Night Swim (find somebody to look at you the way she looks at that bowl) to egg cups and some Small Batch Studio mugs you may never have seen before, Ashley's never looked back. Come for the collection, stay for the story about East Fork's role in helping to solve an orthodontic emergency. Intrigued?

Episode 2

with Mary Ellen Dendy


Back for your viewing pleasure, Pottery Peep Show episode #2. This week, Annie talks to Mary Ellen Dendy—Mary Ellen is like a fan who saw the band that now tours the world back when it played house parties and sold demos from their trunks. But her band is East Fork. That's why she's got a Yuzu lidded jar in her bathroom and has the kind of friends who went to a pottery sale at the farm, bought a Wine Dark Sea Urchin Vase and gave it to her.
Take a peep into Mary Ellen's East Fork collection. Hear about her Amaro Strategy. (Do you have an Amaro Strategy?) Watch her smile turn to a grimace when asked what she'd choose if she could only keep two of her pieces. Which two would you choose?

Episode 1

with Alice Arthur


If you lived three blocks away from East Fork’s store in Asheville, you might stop in often. If you’re Alice Arthur, you dump every last plate, bowl and cup in the house so you can clear space for an East Fork collection, and get to know the staff so well they have your wishlist on hand. What have your neighbors done for you lately?
Tune in to learn how Alice got a seconds Taro mug at an in-person sale when she wasn’t even in town. Did she disrupt the time-space continuum? Relive the fateful phone call that led her to a hand-thrown Molasses platter made by one Alex Matisse—and see it for yourself.

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