Where We Are

Where We Are

I have to admit: I'm experiencing the same mild anxiety I feel when I wait two weeks too long to return my mother's phone calls (sorry, Mom!), so that when we finally have a chance to catch up, she asks me how I am, what's been going on, and all I can manage to squeak out is: Fine. Nothing. Short hand, always, for Good Lord! Where do I even start?

Amanda continues to blow our minds with her commitment to her craft and her ever-evolving hand skills.  Trusting that she can single-handedly fill the ware racks with cups, mugs, bowls, and small vases, Alex and John have felt more free to experiment with new forms, make large scale work, and, most notably, expand and explore their vision for East Fork's future. 

To this end, we’ve teamed up with the Bitter Southerner, our favorite online rag, to make about 300 wood-fired mugs designed with some of our most cherished Southern sensibilities in mind: honesty, integrity, simplicity, and grit. They aren't available quite yet but head over to The Bitter Southerner Newsletter and sign up for their list and they'll keep you in the loop.  

Alex made a beautiful run of tall, black orbs in collaboration with Calvin Klein Home.  They are currently available in their flagship, Madison Avenue showroom.  We're in Manhattan today with CK Home at the Collective Design Fair, ostensibly to schmooze about our pottery…little do they know that Alex has been working on his catwalk for months and plans on using the opportunity to audition to be the next big CK Underwear cover boy (watch out, Beiber). 

There's so much to say and we’d love the chance to catch up face-to-face! So we hope to see you this weekend, at the pottery, to celebrate: 

East Fork’s 5th Birthday

Spring Kiln Sale.

Saturday, May 16th from 10 to 5
& Sunday, May 17th from Noon to 5

Work will also be available online:
10am on Saturday May 16th.


The pots from this firing continue to be confident, quiet, form-driven, and often undecorated.  We’ve so been enjoying this new direction and hope you have, too. There are several stunning big pots by John, hundreds of sweet small vases, cups, and bowls, by Amanda, and so much in between.  As always, there will be food and drink - at least as much as my cumbersome torso will allow, which leads me to our next bit of news...

In case word hasn’t yet travelled to you, East Fork will be expanding by one very tiny member sometime around June 30th.  We figured what with a budding production line in the works, an extra pair of hands could really be useful.  But even before we figure out a way to get around NC child labor laws, we have a feeling that this kiddo will be bringing a whole lotta love to the East Fork table.  

From our family to yours, we wish you strength, flexibility, and above all, joy, in all the changes these sunny days might bring.


Connie at East Fork

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