Apartment Therapy: The Mug With a Serious Cult Following is Back

May 15, 2020 • Lindsey Zinno

The Mug With a Serious Cult Following is Back by Marshall Bright for Apartment TherapyEast Fork's The Mug, edit by Apartment Therapy.

What is it about coffee mugs that makes them so much more meaningful than, say, a dinner plate? I recently moved, and Kondo-ing my mug collection was the hardest part of packing. Perhaps because it’s tied to an important daily ritual (for me, a cup of black coffee as soon as I roll out of bed), it is easy to feel sentimental.

Emotionalism aside, there are often other reasons a mug becomes favored: a nice grip, a good size, or just regular ol’ aesthetics. But what if there was a platonic ideal of a mug that brought all those things together? The folks at East Fork have, after many, many iterations, perhaps done just that — and legions of happy customers agree.

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