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Dwell: Clear Your Cabinet—This Mug Is About to Become Your Morning Staple

Article by Dwell: Clear Your Cabinet-This Mug Is About to Become Your Morning Staple. If you’re looking to overhaul your kitchenware—or simply searching for the perfect daily cup—The Mug by East Fork is a solid place to start. Ever since they met at a farmer’s market and decided to launch their own homeware business, East Fork’s three cofounders have been showered with praise for their down-to-earth designs. The company’s humble beginning is reflected in their wares: the clay is locally sourced, the pottery is finished by hand, and the colors are plucked from a pastoral, natural palette.  The perfect entry piece for those just starting their collection is The Mug–a 10-ounce cup designed to become an everyday staple. Each clay mug is shaped and glazed by hand in Asheville, North Carolina. As each piece is dipped in glaze, the mug’s bottom is left exposed at the point where the glazer held it. This showcases the untouched, iron-rich clay, which gives each mug’s base its signature deep brown color.
East Fork Pottery Mug being dipped by hand into a milky white glaze.The company works with small, but frequent batches—a necessity when working by hand, but also when meeting high demand. The mugs are restocked weekly, as at least one color is sure to sell out before the next Tuesday rolls around.East Fork's ceramic factory with stacks of pottery waiting to be fired and glazes, with East Fork team members at work.
If you’re feeling lucky, East Fork has a weekly giveaway on their website where The Mug occasionally makes an appearance. But if the stars aren’t aligned, you can purchase the The Mug for $36 online or in their retail stories in Asheville, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia. The colors change seasonally, so we’d recommend that you grab them while you can.
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