Acid Tests

Acid Tests

No, we don't mean the parties Ken Kesey threw all around San Francisco circa 1965. The saying "Acid Test" originally described the tests that took place during The California Goldrush. The ones that distinguished the noble metal that is Gold, from other less prized metals. Now, it's used as a figure of speech meaning, "a decisive trial." Etymology lesson over!

But, when we say Acid Test, we actually mean it literally. Food contains acid. Limes, yogurt, tomatoes, and vinegar all have a lot of it. Acid can also be found in many household cleaners. For better or worse, I put lactic acid 10% on my face every night, too. They're just a part of life. In order to ensure that our glazes can withstand the inundation of acids they will encounter in a lifetime, we do some pretty rigorous testing. 

We cut test strips from dinner plates in each glaze, and soak them for 24 hours in concentrated solutions of the many different household chemicals. This gives us a visual indication of how our product will react to these acids. As you will see, even long exposures will not degrade our glazes. So go ahead, marinade that ceviche overnight. 

If you were at all worried that your homemade yogurt sitting in a Soup Bowl for a week was tarnishing your pottery, now you can rest easy.  Fill your Juice Cup with grapefruit juice and whisk up a vinaigrette in your Ice Cream Bowl. It's wear-tested and built to last.

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