Clay Buddies: Annie Bourgeois

Clay Buddies: Annie Bourgeois

Meet Annie. The newest shopkeeper at our Asheville brick and mortar on good ole' Lexington Ave. Along with Sarah and Kirby, she holds down the fort. She keeps all the displays looking on point, and if you ever feel like popping in for a chat, or to learn about getting your hands on 12 dinner sets, she’s your gal. When she's not in the shop, she's busy designing the interiors of homes or making awesome quilts. She’s cool as hell and we are stoked to have her on the team!

What do you do here at East Fork?

I am a sales associate at our retail store in Asheville. A couple of my day-to-day tasks are making sure all of our displays are always looking their best, receiving new inventory, fulfilling web orders, buying fresh flowers, in-store events and getting to know our amazing customers. It's an incredible team to be a part of, and a beautiful space to get to work in. :)

It truly is a lovely shop, and even lovelier now! What are your five favorite objects?

My cowboy boots, journal, laser measurer, vitamix, and velvet.

Tell me more about your objects.

Cowboy Boots:

Absolutely my favorite pair of shoes. I found these boots at a thrift store about 10 years ago and the longer I've owned them, the more I wear them. I've had to re-sole them 3 times and probably coming up to needing a 4th time here pretty soon. Every time they come back from the cobbler they look so nice and shiny, but secretly, the dustier they are, the happier they make me. The shoe polish kind of hides their story and proof of all the places they've taken me.


I process so much through writing. Getting my thoughts out onto paper is everything for me. It helps me create mental space and feel like I have room for new experiences. My mom gifted me my first journal when I was high school and I've continued the habit ever since.

Laser Measurer:

It was a toss up between this tool or my drill, both of which I use all the time, but this one travels with me so I probably use it more. I had wanted one of these for so long and just didn't feel like justifying paying $80 it. It turned out to be life changing, so, well worth the $80. Being an interior designer, the amount of site visits and measuring I would do every week was unreal - this literally cut my time spent measuring in half. And now I use it to just measure everything. I'm currently hunting for a couple of specific furniture pieces for our house, so it's hanging out in the car.


I love cooking as much as I love my Vitamix. I literally use it every day, from making almond milk, matcha lattes, and muffins to hummus, whipped parsnips, ice cream and 72 other things. The first time we ever rented an RV, I packed the vitamix with me because I knew there was an outlet. Well, it's a full blown motor that's 2.2 horsepower and the RV outlets couldn't hang, so naturally, I walked around with it until I found an outlet on the side of a building to make the jalepeño mango margarita slushies I brought all the ingredients for. It didn't come with us the next year.


Texture is everything to me, and usually leads my inspirations. I have known how to generally sew for a long time, but earlier this year, I embarked on making modern quilts! It has been such a fun craft to learn. My concept involves using a lot of white, negative space and some velvet pieces quilted in. I'm so eager to complete my first collection!


Thanks Annie! xo

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