Meet Daryl! East Fork's Fulfillment Manager.

Clay Buddies: Daryl Nathanson

Hi Daryl! Can you tell us about what you do at East Fork? How does it compare to your previous job?
I keep the fulfillment team running smoothly and happily. No two days have been the same. We interact a lot with customer care, industrial, and forecasting. Pretty much every day is “not normally like this.” We did a lot of shipping equipment at my old job but we were not in manufacturing. 200 pieces of technical equipment going to a business. Now it’s much more direct to consumers. 

What brought you to Asheville?
We moved here about 3 years ago when my youngest son graduated. The climate kept bringing us back. We love hiking. We love the beer here. My favorite brewery in town is Wedge for both the beer and the atmosphere.

Where do you like to hike?
We usually just look something up or jump on the parkway. Our mailbox is about a mile away from our house. We like that hike.

Daryl's 5 favorite things.
Can you tell us about your 5 favorite things? 

1. My bass guitar. It's likely an '85 or '86 Fender Precision model, but with a Jazz bass fretless neck. It's the only bass I've ever owned and I've had it for more than 30 years. It weighs a ton, but the feel and sound are incredible! I've played it in high school jazz bands to college years bar bands to now just making noise around the house and likely the only bass I'll ever own.

2. Mini Martin guitar. Given to me by a friend about a decade ago, it's 3/4 size Martin acoustic that sounds better than most full sized guitars. I've taken it on many family trips and it's so light and easy to bring on the road.

3. The Kegerator. We like beer, to the point we put in a two-tap kegerator in our house. 38 degree local Asheville beers on tap. I mean, come on. Watching the sunset with a fresh beer on our back deck does not get old.

4. Unable-To-Be-Used 2020 August Women's Amateur ticket. My best friend and I enter the Master's lottery ticket every year and I won two tickets for the Women's Amateur this year. It was supposed to be the day before my 50th birthday and I was going to go with my oldest son this year, but Covid-19 had other plans. I've been to Augusta National twice before and was so looking forward to going back. Seems pretty inconsequential now so I think I'll just save the ticket somewhere.

5. Bourbon! Favorite bottle right now is Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. I swear I do more when I'm not working besides drink beer and bourbon....but safe to say a beer or bourbon may not be far away!

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