Clay Buddies: Julia True

Clay Buddies: Julia True

Meet Julia. She’s on the production side of East Fork and makes cups and bowls on the jolly/jigger team. If you’ve bought a mug in the past few months, chances are that it passed through Julia’s hands. When she’s not at work she likes to hula hoop and spin fire. She has a lovely energy, plus really rad blueish/purpleish hair. We are thrilled for her to be a part of the team!

What do you do here at East Fork?

I'm on the jolly/jigger team at East Fork, which means I make bowls, mugs, and tumblers. I like the repetitive work on the machines because I can really get into a groove, and I also enjoy the more detail-oriented work of trimming down the excess clay and making everything look smooth.

Very nice! What are your five favorite objects?

My Neil Cicierega poster, Nicolas Cage underwear, garlic chopper, letter, and fire fans.

Tell me more about your objects.


The centerpiece is a poster of one of my favorite artist and musicians, Neil Cicierega. He's responsible for a lot of silly internet videos, comics, and music. I love him most for his three mashup albums (The Mouth Trilogy) and his band, Lemon Demon. I actually think he's a genius. I have this hanging in my room and it exudes a very calming energy.


Below that is the pair of Nic Cage underwear that my little brother gave me. I'm a big fan— Face Off and Raising Arizona being my favorite movies of his— and I'm not sure if I ever want to wear these or just hang them on display permanently.

Garlic Chopper:

Up top, I have my garlic and ginger chopper on the left. You pop the garlic or ginger into the container and run the wheels along a counter and little blades inside chop them quickly and finely. I cook with a lot of garlic and ginger, so this is one of my favorite, most-used items.


I used to work with teenagers struggling with emotional difficulties, and one of my students wrote me this sweet letter and drew this picture of me. When I was at summer camp as a kid, my counselors meant the world to me, and I'm glad I could impact someone in a similar way as an adult.

Fire Fans:

On the right and left are my fire fans. I light these on fire and dance with them. I've had this pair for five years, which is why they're a little beaten up. Some of the wicks have fallen off and I haven't gotten around to replacing them. I also hula hoop and spin poi, but these fans are the props I learned to spin fire on, so they hold a special place in my heart.

Amazing! Thanks Julia xo

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