Clay Buddies: Kirby Wolf

Clay Buddies: Kirby Wolf

Meet Kirby. East Fork Asheville Shop Manager, fashionista, customer service expert, and fastest pottery wrapper this side of the Mississippi. Her warm presence and enduring helpfulness, makes every customer who moseys into our brick and mortar feel like a guest at The Ritz-Carlton. If you ever want to see how a glaze looks in person, play around with funky plate combos, or need help finding a gift in a pinch, go visit Kirby and she’ll hold your hand the whole way through. Concoctor of shop events, waterer of plants, organizer of inventory, and merchandiser of pots, this goddess of the shop makes a long list of duties looks like a breeze in her cool Levi’s. Insider secret: she’s got a real cute dog, too.

So Kirby, what do you do here at East Fork?

I'm the manager of the Asheville retail store. I basically get to hang out with all kinds of beautiful things all day and meet really great people who stumble into our shop! And of course, I make sure the store looks lovely and doesn't burn down.

Any celebs ever come in? Which celeb would you most like to see visit the shop?

No celeb sightings so far, and I'm not the best at keeping up with them. But, if Leandra (Medine) Cohen walked in I'd be happy to help her pick out some dinnerware.

She is a goddess! What are your five favorite things?

The keys to my and my husband Andrew’s van, a jar of seashells from my mom, my grandmother’s memoirs, my camera, and a photobook of Los Angeles.

First up, the keys. Why are they special to you?

Earlier this year we converted a Ford Transit Connect into a camper and drove it up to Acadia National Park where we decided to elope, just the two of us. The van is a symbol of the adventurous life we want to embark on together, but truly its maiden voyage to Maine will always be the most special to me.

True romance. What’s next?

Next up is a jar of seashells my mom gave me, I'm pretty sure it was a gift for one of the first holidays I lived away from home. After high school I moved to Florida for college and during my orientation weekend we stopped at a beach and my mom collected a bunch of seashells. Months later she gave me a jar and has a jar for herself as well. Even though I've moved quite a bit since then, it's something small that keeps us tied together at all times.

Another truly romantic moment! You're so romantic. Where are all the places you’ve lived?

I grew up in Ohio and have since lived in Fort Myers, Charlotte, San Clemente/Dana Point, North Hollywood and now Asheville.

Amazing. How about these memoirs?

The blue book is my grandmother's memoirs. My granny had severe rheumatoid arthritis for a large portion of her life, but she made sure to journal everyday until she literally couldn't hold a pen anymore. A little while back one of my aunts helped her type it all up into a book. We were very close while I was growing up, and it's a way for me to feel like I know her a little more as an adult. She was also quite a storyteller and a bit of a comedian so it's a great read!

Sounds like a cool lady! What’s your favorite story in the book?

She was absolutely the best! My favorite anecdote is when she talks about what a dare-devil she was when she was a little girl, skating down steep hills on her roller skates, riding her bike with her feet on her handlebars and jumping off the roof of their front porch. This really paved the way for the strong and amazing woman she was; growing up in the Great Depression, becoming a nurse and working her entire life while raising 8 children.

Women are truly amazing. Number four?

Object number four is my camera. I'm not a photographer by any means but for the past few years I've kept a personal style blog, Fashion by Day, where I share my outfits and style tips, and I shoot all the photos of myself by myself, with just this Canon point and shoot and a tripod. I don't really have a hobby per se, so I guess you could say blogging is it.

We love your IG shots, girl. Lastly?

A photo book of Los Angeles. This book has sat on our coffee table since we moved to Asheville from California almost two years ago. Some very special people gifted it to me as a parting gift and it's a reminder of our lives in California and all the wonderful people we love out west.

Last question. What’s your favorite spot in California for a weekend getaway?

It's so hard to pick just one with so many beautiful places like Big Sur and Joshua Tree. But, Laguna Beach will always hold a special place in my heart and if you can find yourself holed up at the Montage for the weekend I'm sure all your cares will fade away.

Thank you, Kirby! 


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