Clay Buddies: Molly Webb

Clay Buddies: Molly Webb

Hi Molly! Where are you from?

I am from Dunwoody, Georgia

What were you doing before East Fork? What brought you here?

I was working full time as a Freelance Wardrobe Stylist for the Print and Commercial Advertising industry here in Atlanta. I had also started a talent agency called The Spin Style Agency with my friend and old boss (She used to be an interior designer and I was her Project Manager...she also did set/prop styling which was how I got introduced to the photo industry). We represented around 12 artists from Hair and Makeup Artists to Set/Prop Stylists to Wardrobe and Art Direction. As well as a whole squad of interns. We became really well known in Atlanta and the company is still going almost 7 years later!

I was also working part time at a friend’s design boutique when, one day, my friend Savannah Holcomb came into the shop to hang out with me. She knew I was going through a big transition period of my life. She told me about her friends Connie and Zoe who worked for this company called East Fork and how they had a shop over on the Westside. They were looking for a part time manager at the time and so Savannah snapped my picture on her phone and texted it to Zoe saying "You should hire this girl!". I started less than two weeks later :)

What are some of your interests/hobbies?

I still really love fashion and design. It's been so nice being able to appreciate it from a distance since I've stopped styling, and I've been able to use my skills in so many ways already working with East Fork. I am a very social person, so my friends and family are priority to most things in my life. I've played golf since I was six years old, and still get to play with my dad quite often. I love getting design inspiration from music and film, and more recently started a book club with a small group of friends. Have any recommendations? Send them my way! I also studied film photography in college, my camera has acquired a lot of dust since then (remember I've been around the real professionals in the past ten years) but am thinking about picking it up again. I think a lot about design and how things correlate with each other, and would like to take a class on art direction at some point in my life. I'm also getting back to being involved in church, and have found a really great group of friends that I meet with weekly for a Bible Study.

I took a look at the site for Spin Style Agency and I'm impressed! I saw that your name and portfolio are on there, but you have stopped styling? You're so talented! Do you ever still do gigs on the side?

I definitely loved being able to do my "dream job" and start my own company. It wasn't always glamorous or easy, but I met a lot of amazing people and had some great experiences while doing it. At this point, being full-time with East Fork I will take a one-day shoot or do a little something here and there on the side. But I really came to a place where I felt very burnt out by the industry and needed to step away. And that's when I got approached by East Fork! It really was incredible timing and I really felt like the perfect transition for me. It's crazy how many of my skills I've learned over the past 8 years and the people I've met have been so helpful with this new position I have at East Fork.

That's cool you play golf. If you were designing a line of golf clothing, what is something that you would change to make it different (cooler) than the typical clothes you see today?

I think there are some great professional golfers that have already started pushing the boundaries on "fashion" in the Golf community. Some of it good and some of it not so good in my opinion, but style is all based on perspective and influence. I must say I do love what Golf Wang is doing!

I studied graphic design at a school called Portfolio Center down there in Atlanta. I remember going to look at furniture over at Design Within Reach (right by East Fork) when we were designing chairs in school. What are some of your favorite places in Atlanta to see cool art and design?

Portfolio Center is awesome! When I was starting my career I worked with 2-3 photography students at Portfolio Center to style shoots for their projects and at the same time was building up my portfolio.

I would say some of my favorite places for art and design are...

Jackson Fine Art, a small art gallery in the heart of Buckhead in this old historic home. They probably have the best curation of art I've seen in the city.
The High Museum, amazing architecture and always have a great show going on. Perfect spot for a rainy weekday afternoon
Highland Row Antiques, one of my favorite spots in the city. The best curation of vintage furniture, quirky accessories and clothing
Megan Huntz, a gorgeous minimal space featuring Megan's own designs and showcasing a couple other smaller accessory and home goods artists. Plus she knows how to throw a great party :)

And finally, what are your five favorite things? (Could you put them together into a scene and snap a photo for me?)

I would say my favorite things would be...

My stacks of photos & Polaroids. I grew up in a home where my mother always had a camera in my face and bookshelves full of photo albums. I really love having the opportunity to hold the image of the people I hold close in my life in my hands and really value the individual photographs I do have.

My mom gifted me her favorite clogs she had made back in the seventies in Oregon, and they were a perfect fit. If you know my mother, I just feel like there are a lot of good stories that happened in these shoes.

This little yellow ticket with the number 30 scribbled on the back in black sharpie was given to me at an afternoon of playing Chicken Shit Bingo on my 30th birthday in Austin, Texas with a small group of my very best friends. The glitter rimmed matchbook with the black boot was on a trip recently visiting my little sister in Brooklyn. Had to throw that one in there because I love to collect little things that hold big memories.

The blind line drawing of me was done by an amazing artist friend of mine, Cori Maas. I have started collecting pieces from my artist friends in my adulthood, and hope to have a big collection one day all from people I love and know closely. I have way too many talented friends!

And last but not least my Harry Styles record. Guilty pleasures are good for all of us, right?

Molly's 5 favorite things.


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