The Wheel

The Wheel

When we think about ceramics, we think about the potter's wheel. Long ago, clay lovers figured out how to make discs spin very fast using a weighted center and some good ol' fashioned elbow grease. The oldest ones date back to Mesopotamia, and even though motor powered wheels are most common, some potters still prefer the analog method.

In fact, Alex and John (CEO and CFO) are both apprentice trained potters, and are super familiar with the wheel. Back when East Fork operated via trunk sales and a cash box, they hand threw every piece.

Whether you utilize the miracle of electricity or not, all wheels conduct centrifugal force to enable "throwing."

Simply put, you toss a lump of clay in the center of the wheel and use your hands to squeeze, lengthen, and form a vessel from the clay. This allowed potters to amplify production, in turn making this tool a backbone of ceramic history. 

Our wheel lives in the Small Batch Studio, where it gets used to make special projects, one offs, and limited runs. It's a Shimpo Rk-Whisper, with a wooden box in place of the plastic splash pan. This is because Cade likes to work standing up for better ergonomics and movement efficiency.

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