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East Fork’s Compensation Philosophy

East Fork champions financial wellness and security for all its employees—with year over year company-wide raises, living wages for our entry level employees, salaries consistent with Asheville’s cost of living for Managers, Senior Managers and Directors, comprehensive benefits packages, access to professional development and mentorship, and a workplace culture that celebrates and honors individuality while upholding boundaries that keep us physically, emotionally, and mentally safe at work.

As our company grows and our workflows become more efficient, we will continue to share this success with our employees through annual pay increases (historically 10+% year over year), continue to expand our employee benefits package, and institute a profit sharing model. In the face of our country’s ever-widening wealth gap that sustains, and deepens systemic oppression, we are intentionally structuring our payroll to embody our values.

Consistent with our goal of creating a more equitable workplace, East Fork hiring managers do not engage in salary and wage negotiations of any kind.

Current Benefits Include:

● Employer-subsidized health insurance and voluntary vision and dental options

● Paid Holidays: 7 holidays in the calendar year 2021 and 1 Floating Holiday

● Paid Time Off: up to 13 days during first year of employment

● Sick Leave: up to 5 days annually

● Fitness benefits: discount available at 8 Asheville area YMCAs

● 401(K) retirement savings plan with up to 4% match

● Employer-provided life insurance and voluntary options for additional limits

● Paid parental leave

● 50% discount on purchases of East Fork pottery and 40% discount on resale goods

● Staff lunch provided twice a week

● $35 cell phone reimbursement

    While we understand that this hard-lined Compensation Philosophy might drive some talented candidates away, we know that there are so many bright, ambitious, highly skilled folks out there excited to work for an innovative—and idiosyncratic—company in major growth mode, with a big, beautiful long term vision, dedicated to more thoroughly and honestly manifesting our company values every day. Could that be you?

    If you are interested in pursuing a career at East Fork, please be aware of the following:

    ● All Salaries & Wages are clearly indicated on each job description

    ● Salaries & Wages are strictly non-negotiable

      All East Fork employees’ salaries or wages increase year over year in the following ways:

      ● Annual company-wide pay increases at a rate determined by increased cost of living and gains in company efficiency measured by higher revenues per employee

      ● An individual employee’s movement up their pay band at a rate based on tenure and annual performance reviews

      ● All employees have access to information regarding a position’s Pay Grade and the low to high range of all Pay Grades* (And you do, too! Below you’ll see the Pay Bands as they are in 2021.) These are audited and adjusted annually.

        East Fork payment scale

        ● As East Fork moves toward consistent month over month profitability, an employee profit sharing model will be instituted: a portion of net profits will be distributed through payroll to all eligible employees on an annual basis. Employees will be given updates monthly on our annual profitability goals and performance and how that relates to their potential profit share.

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