EFP Doin' Work

EFP Doin' Work

It happens the same way each throwing cycle: about four weeks before loading & firing, we start worrying that there aren't NEARLY enough pots to fill the kiln, so Alex pulls some 80 hour weeks in the workshop, throwing like a maniac. Then, about a week before the firing we look around the workshop and realize there isn't NEARLY enough space in the kiln to put all these pots. Now that John--a total tour de force--is here, we probably oughta think about a workshop expansion. Again.
I'm so excited for this firing, in part because I know that this round of pots is going to be amazing, but also because of the killer stoking crew we're lining up. The Coady family will be joining us all the way from Los Angeles, Alex's brother Nick will be coming in from Denver, and his sister Ariel is coming from Florida!

We call this vase the Carolina Vase and it's one of my favorite forms that Alex makes. It wasn't always, though. At first I found the form a little too folksy for my taste, but the longer I lived with it, the more attached to it grew, until it became the only vase shape I reach for when I'm putting fresh flowers in my home. Flowers seem to erupt from its mouth, like music from a trumpet or water from a geyser. The Carolina Vase will be available in a variety of sizes and surfaces at our kiln sale.

We've developed a serious early morning, after-lunch, before-bed tea habit at East Fork this fall and John made a great run of tea pots in all different sizes to enable it. I've got my eye on these adorable Tea Pots for One. Though I think the photo of John's intricately decorated beast of a big pot broke our "Like" record on Instagram, John was way more excited to show me his sweet little tea guys.

We'll have pitchers, jars, vases, cups, saucers, mugs, carafes, platters, serving bowls, small bowls, tea pots, flower pots, omettos, and big pots available at our Holiday Klin Sale on December 7th & 8th. If you can't make it those dates or live too far away, fear not! We'll be putting a great selection of pots for sale on the website on Saturday, December 7th at 9am.

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