Holiday Shipping Deadline

Holiday Shipping Deadline

A very friendly and important PSA to all holiday shoppers and gift giving procrastinators: the last day to get your orders in is Friday, December 13th at 5pm EST.

Holiday shoppers! The last day that UPS "guarantees" delivery by Christmas has passed. Yes, if you order on Monday (Dec 16th), you're very likely to get your order by Christmas, but the deadline put in place by UPS leaves wiggle room for delays in the shipping process that can occur in the gifting season—when 4x more packages are traversing the country than usual!

Please keep in mind that East Fork does not offer expedited shipping. Shopping a little bit earlier and not relying on 2-day or overnight airfreight saves the atmosphere from unnecessary greenhouse gases. I'm trying to practice what I preach—expedited shipping is just way too enticing for perpetual procrastinators like myself. But by shipping your order via Ground Shipping—the only option on our site—we can prioritize route efficiency and order consolidation, allowing UPS to get your order to your door to maximize their team's efficiency.

As much as we'd love to see you in Asheville, please resist the urge to drive great distances to Asheville to grab a last-minute pot—your car is way less efficient than the diesel truck delivering your packages, in terms of engine and space optimization. Though if you're going to make a weekend of it, let us know—we'll tell you all the fun places to eat. In short, online shopping CAN be much more efficient if you purchase your orders in advance and in larger quantities. The less trips to get to your doorstep, the better.
If you're curious how long your pots will take to get to you, please enjoy this cute, helpful map: 
Shipping zones made of US orders from East Fork Pottery.
Lastly, we are really, truly thankful for how much y'all love to gift our pots this time of year. Seeing your photos, reading your stories, and meeting happy, new pottery owners makes all the work we do worth while.
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