Stamps on Pottery

Stamps on Pottery

In the factory, we’re constantly testing new glazes, clays, and techniques. Anytime a test occurs, we stamp the base. Different types of stamping can mean different things, and if you see cutlery symbols or a number on the bottom of your pot, it means you have a test that was so successful that we sold it!

What do all the stamps mean?

If the cutlery stamped on the pot is imprinted in the clay body, it signifies a forming or clay test.


If the cutlery stamped on the pot is colored in contrasting pigment, it’s used for a glaze test.


We recently started using a new stamp with a number on our logo, which is now used on all mugs. Everyone on the Mug Team receives their own unique number. We use these numbers internally to track the growth of training new employees and to easily track and isolate forming issues that may vary by former. Though the number does not mean it is a test, we figured we'd include it here so any stamp-related questions could be answered!


If you see a pot with both cutlery and number stamps, the same rules apply. In this instance, we have a mug with a glazed cutlery stamp next to an EF numbered stamp. This still means it's a glaze test made by mug former #8!


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I found a very small mug at a thrift store. It is imprinted East Fork on bottom, no ring, no cutlery and also has four letters which look like A ? P C. Any idea what this is?

Teresa Mackey

Just got my first order and have an Amaro with a 2 and a glaze spoon! I’m so glad I found this page. I was wondering what it meant :)


I just got a Lapis mug with a pigment stamp, but also a 2 imprinted in the normal East Fork ring—double test item?


I recently got a juice cup with a spoon mark and couldn’t remember where I had read about it before—so glad to find this journal article again :)


Thank you for the fun treasure hunt!


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