The Dish, Episode #1

The Dish, Episode #1

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Watch our first episode of The Dish, an inaugural talk of what will become an ongoing quarterly update from East Fork’s Founders, CEO Alex Matisse, CMO Connie Matisse, and CFO John Vigeland, on what it takes to run an American-made manufacturing business with integrity.

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I truly enjoyed this episode. I am a K-12 art teacher (college trained in education with a studio focus in ceramics) who chose the classroom over pottery. I’ve tried for years to fit making into my life, but having children and the life of an educator didn’t allow it. Now that COVID is here, I’m taking a leave from the classroom due to safety concerns, and plan to bring my focus to the path not chosen. I have a small garage studio, which will be too cold to work in through the Michigan winter. I’m experiencing a combination of intense problem solving, excitement, and fear as I figure out simple details like if it will actually turn a profit and what packing materials to use . While I have humble aspirations, the info you’ve shared have me hope, and welcomed direction with my next steps. Thank you. p.s I would’ve listened to Alex and John talk about form for another hour – totally there with you, guys.

Sarah Martin

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