The Dish: Episode #3

Mar 03, 2021 • East Fork

The Dish Episode 3

The Dish Episode 3

Watch the third episode of The Dish, a quarterly conversation with East Fork’s Founders, CEO Alex Matisse, CMO Connie Matisse, and CFO John Vigeland. They devote this hour to answering the audience's questions about, well, everything.

In this episode of The Dish, East Fork's founders answer burning questions from viewers about the business of making pottery in the United States. They talk about everything from financial goals for 2021; expanding our facilities and production and doing so in a way that considers the entire staff's mental health; and recruitment and hiring (Hint: the more fully-realized the job descriptions, the more it will be an expert guide). What new pottery form will join our pottery lineup, taking its place beside The Mug? What are the founders' all-time favorite glazes: current and retired? You'll have to watch to find out.

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