Options are endless when it comes to the perfect snack, as evidenced by the children of East Fork.  This week we asked all the kids what their go-to is for when they get a little hungry before dinner. Keep reading:

Savannah + Barrett

Fave snack: Breastmilk mornin', noon, and night. 

Jeff + Jean

Fave snack: Ground beef

Zoe, Matt + Autry

Fave snack: Homemade raisins and a mid rare filet

Nicole, Asher + Isla

Asher's fave snack: Anchovies, smoked salmon (a.k.a. "fish style"), sushi, squid, or crab

Isla's fave snack: Yogurt squeezers and peanut butter

Connie, Lui + Vita

Vita's Fave Snack: Salmon sashimi and cake

Lui's Fave Snack: Berries and salted nuts in tiny bowls and steamed whole milk with vanilla and cinnamon. 



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