East Fork designs, manufactures, and sells thoughtful, durable ceramic dishware in Asheville, North Carolina. Trained in formal ceramic apprenticeships, our founders hands spent thousands of hours in clay, making hundreds of the same form at a time and building an intimate familiarity between maker and material. Today our team is about 125 and growing. We make our pots with dynamic, iron-rich clays dug from the American South East and colored with glazes formulated and mixed in-house.

Founder Alex Matisse, Co-Founder & CEO Connie Matisse, and Co-Founder & CFO John Vigeland Founder Alex Matisse, Co-Founder & CEO Connie Matisse, and Co-Founder & CFO John Vigeland

In 2009 Alex Matisse had just finished an apprenticeship in the North Carolina Piedmont and set out on his own to make pottery on a gloomy old Madison County tobacco farm.

Meanwhile, 23-year-old Connie Coady was milking goats down the road, deep in an existential crisis. They met at the farmer’s market—she was selling cheese—and a few weeks later she moved in, Tom Wait’s "Come on Up to the House" blasting from the record player.

In 2013, their friend John Vigeland came to stay for the weekend. They all drank a lot of wine, read a lot of poetry, sat by the fire—they were 24 and all hopelessly romantic, after all—and before the friend headed home, he said, “I’d really like to figure out how to work together.”

A decade later,  East Fork is committed to providing solid middle class manufacturing jobs to our Asheville community,  while holding ourselves accountable to each other, our stakeholders, our vendors, and our environment and contributing to a more beautiful, equitable world.

It’s a wild world out there, but a tender, beautiful one too, made ever more sacred by our daily rituals of eating, drinking, and coming together around the table.