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Our Team

Alex Matisse, Founder, Board Chair, and Chief Strategy Officer

Sarah W says, "Truly, he'd rather be fishing."

Connie Matisse, CEO & Co-Founder

John says, “Connie is a role-model everyone should look to: she's brimming with real self-assurance, has the courage of her convictions to speak and do what is right, and is generous in a way that flows naturally from thoughtful compassion.”

John Vigeland, CFO & Co-Founder

Alex says, “Our path winds steeper and deeper into the unknown; John’s our moral compass, always pointing north.”

Cade Hollomon-Cook, Design Studio Manager

Erin says, “I can’t not gush about Cade's personal body of work. I love talking to Cade about their practice and how it is constantly evolving. They approach everything with inquisitiveness and confidence. Each sculptural piece feels like a unique living being you want to get to know better.

Thomas Cook, Lead Managerial Accountant

Cierra says, ”Our dear bookkeeper // He's working on spreadsheets but // Dreams of sourdough."

Kyle Crowder, Data Systems Manager

Thomas says, "Kyle’s skill set and passion for these skills are as well rounded as an East Fork Mug."

Shannon Doyne, Copywriter

Erin H. says, "On her job application, Shannon wrote about her love for mall culture and I was instantly enamored. She's whip-smart, hilarious, and thoughtful. Loves Weird Al and a properly made pizza—and she has great hair."

Sarah Walters, Lead Sales Associate, Asheville

Mckenzie says, "Aside from being a very talented seamstress, Sarah is beloved among so many of our customers (and staff too) for her helpful and sweet nature."

Whitney Ott, Photographer & Stylist

Annie says, "Whitney has an incredible talent for making light appear to be a tangible element to work with. And she can make a potato chip look like a gorgeous piece of art!"

Jo Kolton, Lead Financial Accountant

Cade says, "Jo comes from Chicago, I wonder if she has seen Monument with Standing Beast?"

Sara Melosh, Glaze Developer

Jeff L. says, "Now there’s a person who knows a Coleoptera from an Ensifera!"

Allison Shearouse, Asheville Store Manager

Demonta' says, “Allison loves ice coffee and loves to smile. She always knows how to make you laugh and she is a great leader.”

Matt Rudloff, Mold Making Specialist

Jessie says, "Matt is so easy to work with and he picks up new things very quickly. I also think if you asked him nicely, he would be able to give you a run- down of all three Mad Max movies from the 80s."

Nicole Lissenden, Art Director

Connie says, "Nicole can make an arrest warrant look good on paper, and she's got great hair."

Annie Schambach, Sr. Store Community Coordinator, AVL

Emily says, "Annie has a great last name, a very great sense of style, and a big heart. She's lived all over the country but it seems like she's found her groove here in Asheville. She's already actively involved in the community as a volunteer at the Literary Council! How cool is that?"

Randolph Dexter, Warehouse Operations - Outbound Lead

Kirby says, "I don't think I've met anyone as dedicated and passionate as Randolph, I mean he has seen Phish live 49 times."

Kirby Wolf, Senior Sales Manager

Marissa says, "Kirby is incredibly warm and vivacious, and anyone who is around her feels her kind heart radiating from the inside out. She also has a killer fashion sense and a fabulous eye."

Marissa Schneider, Customer Care Manager

Savannah says, "Marissa may be the funniest person I've ever known. And when she tilts her head back for a full blown belly laugh... you just can't help but fall in love with her."

Julia True, Forming Generalist

Cierra says, "Julia brings so much brightness and color to the RAM team. She is knowledgeable in all things nerdy, and is solidly on Team Face Cat (because can you imagine what kind of mayhem a dog with hands could cause?!)"

Mike Ball, Warehouse Operations Materials Transfer Lead

Randolph says, "The world would be a better place if we all strived a little bit more to be like Mike. Max, the dog, approves of this message."

Jeffery Ray, Special Order Coordinator

Jeff says, "Jeffery is the epitome of style; stylish of sweaters, stylish of attitude, stylish of heart!"

Darrin Winston, Fulfillment Assistant

Darrin Winston, Fulfillment Assistant

Meghan says, "Darrin is unapologetically himself, which is an admirable trait in and of itself. He’s a writer, a storyteller, a passionate gesturer—a force to be reckoned with. His humor, animation, and random outbreak of dance moves make him an undeniable joy to be around, and we all have way too much fun because of him."

TJ Hooks, Forming General

Donnie says, "TJ is such a generous human! He's also someone who can remain humble, even in trying times."

Chelsea MacLean, Glaze Generalist

Heather says, “Chelsea has many hidden talents, but my favorite is the attention to detail she puts into a good playlist. Her Halloween playlist on Spotify is pretty hard to top!”

Daniel Vuono, Director of Production

Erin says, "Daniel has a doppelgänger and it's Tom Cruise."

Talea Gormican, Quality Control Associate

DJ says, "Talea is always kiln it and never looks glazed and confused. She always brings a warm and positive energy."

Eva Snyder, Senior Sales Operations Manager

Zoe says, "There's nothing Eva can't do. She'll run a 50-mile marathon for fun on Sunday and then come in Monday to create a spreadsheet with so much beauty and structure it resembles the Taj Mahal."

JaQuan LaPierre, Roller Tool Ops. Lead

Connie says, "JaQuan's sweet and goofy sense of humor are the perfect counterpart to the intensity and focus he brings to his work making pots. And he just might have the cutest baby of all time."

Donna Casellas-Banks, Sales Associate, ATL

Jasmin says, "Donna is friendly and welcoming to everyone that comes in!"

Calla Coady, Forming Generalist

Zoe says, "Calla is the type of person that would spend two days baking you a birthday cake. It would be a masterpiece."

Tony Pearson

Tony Pearson, Forming Generalist

Talea says, "Tony is smooth and cool. He will talk you off a ledge and offer you a refreshing cool smoothie. Great uplifter to our glazing team. Keeping it real everyday by giving his best personally and professionally."

Emilja Tokarski, Mug Ops. Lead

Dan S. says, "The only thing that could compare to Emilja's love for her pooch, Hazel, is her love for hoggin' it down a country road on her Harley. She is true badass with a real big heart."

Meghan Walsh - Fulfillment Assistant

Meghan Walsh, Fulfillment Assistant

Darrin says, "This absolutely sweet, hardworking gardener is an absolute thrift-queen with a bodacious walk, a determined attitude, and an energetic presence. 5 out of 5 stars, would recommend getting to know her. Be wary though, she does drink her tea unsweet."

Molly Webb, Store Manager, ATL

Sarah K. says, "Molly is kind, fun, and unafraid to ask for help...the best kind of leader! (& oh boy is her red hair iconic.)"

Jeff Swartout, Jigger Team Lead Generalist

Jeffery R. says, "Jeff's expertise goes far beyond pottery. An extremely creative person with the means, and know-how, to make their designs a reality. With a great amount of kindness to match!"

Alejandro Fuentes - Forming Generalist

Alejandro Fuentes, Forming Generalist

Britta Baker, Fulfillment Assistant Manager

Lisa says, "Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin... When Britta's not busy building her own tiny house, she LOVES packing up beautiful EF pots to ship out to their new homes in the world. I'm pretty sure she gives each piece a little hug before she wraps it up, just to spread the love."

Lisa Flamion, Quality Control Lead

Britta says, "Lisa is a gem. She shows the same care and attentiveness in conversation as she does to the pottery she lovingly QCs."

Virginia Knight, Customer Care Associate

Kirby says, "You can feel Virginia’s warmth and energy the minute you walk in the door! Come say hi at the shop, I promise, her radiant smile is contagious!"

Scott Haight, Benefits Administrator

Alex says, "Scott wishes he could bring in his beloved dog Beecher, but he knows it would affect his work ethic (and everyone else's too)."

Jessica Teague, Payroll Specialist

Jessica Teague, Payroll Specialist

Jessie Rienerth, Mold Shop Manager

Corey says, "Queen of the Ram Press // The Master of the plaster // But a better friend."

Dan Segal, Facilities Manager

Matt says, "I'm truly envious of the rack on his truck, his craftsmanship exudes class!"

Marcus England, Pug Mill Operator

Brandi says, "Marcus has been my Bestie since day 1!!! He always shows up to make me laugh and smile at just the right moment!"

Sheila Higgins, Sr. Environmental Health & Safety Manager

Emily F. says, "I could tell from the day we began our orientation together that Sheila is a force to be reckoned with. She moves through the office with purpose and direction, dressed to impress and always full of innovative ideas but never lacking a friendly hello. But don't let her positive disposition fool you—she just might wrestle you to the ground as she does with her many nieces and nephew!"

Laura Somervill, Kiln Specialist

Laura Somervill, Kiln Specialist

Sam Boissoneault, Customer Care Associate

Ian says, "Straight outta Sonoma, Sam blesses East Fork with her sunny disposition every day. Her superpowers are great listening, genuine care for our customers and suggesting the perfect wine pairing to go along with your pottery purchase!"

Marcyanne Hannemann, Glaze Generalist

Cherry says, "Marcyanne has to be one of the best people at the factory to play a game with. They always take extra time in the day to laugh and giggle, and their laugh is absolutely contagious. Marcy gets to know people by being genuine, kind and inquisitive, and getting to know Marcy is like reading a great fantasy novel."

Amanda Huskin, Executive Assistant to the COO

Eva says, "Amanda is an organizational force to be reckoned with and exudes a calm focused energy - which must be how she can parent four herding dogs without going insane!"

Emily Bukoski, Executive Assistant to CEO

Connie says, "Emily told me that she doesn't have a single junk drawer in her house, and if she weren't so dang kind and funny, I might resent her for it."

Edward Peak, Shift Supervisor

Eian Lung, Glaze Team Lead

Cherry Iocovozzi, Food Systems Manager

Amanda says, "Cherry is the embodiment of hospitality. He cooks delicious staff lunches that meet all of our dietary needs (no small feat), but he also finds ways to make East Fork HQ an ever more lovely place to work. What a generous spirit."

Lidia Quinones - Glaze Generalist

Lidia Quinones, Glaze Blending Generalist

Sarah B. says, "Lidia Is that place you wanna go to, sun is always shining. Truly a friend!”

Alex Guzinksky, Glaze Generalist

Alex Guzinksky, Glaze Generalist

Devin McMillen, Ceramic Engineer

Matt says, "Someone who brings excitement for clay-body in a way I've never known, Devin's addition to East Fork has been a pleasure as his passion for process and dedication to the team is obvious and inspiring."

Hank Gilliam, Facilities Technician

Daryl says, "Hank has three speeds that all equate to getting the job done....Relaxed, chill and yep."  

Alejandra Oliva - Shift Supervisor

Alejandra Oliva, Shift Supervisor

Elliot Williams - Glaze Generalist

Elliot Williams, Glaze Generalist

Maria Baez says, "He is a person who has great charisma and beautiful ideas. I do not hesitate to ask him anything about work because I know he will have a positive response."

Faye Wharton - Forming Generalist

Faye Wharton, Forming Generalist

Freddy says, "Faye once told me, ‘dripping water boils a hole in the rock’ and that is exceedingly cooler than anything I could say about her.”

Matt Gordon, Sr. Production Manager

Devin says, "Matthew always has this calm, nearly mischievous look on at work. It's his keen eye though that makes sure we sell a quality product."

Brock Flamion, Production Support

Hakeem says, "Brock is an amazing person, When I first started a year ago, Brock wasn’t at EF too much longer than me and I was shocked at how much he knew. Until we started talking on a personal level. He is understanding and willing to help with anything and that’s why he’s my favorite coworker."

Emily Rangel-Cascio, Forming Generalist

Olivia says, "She’s always happy to be at work and loves clay!"

Sarah Bernstein, Mold Shop Generalist

Eli Nelms, Facilities Associate

Emilja says, "Eli, who is secretly a hissing possum in human form, has taken to the RAM press like a dad to a fancy new propane grill. Ask them about their giant cat!"

Maria del Rosario Segovia Salas, Forming Generalist

A says, "Maria is an absolute delight to work with. Every shift I've ever shared with her has been full of laughter and shared snacks."

Manny Ayala, Director of People

Clarissa says, "Manny is the most transparent human I know. If in doubt about how he feels about something take note: does he have stress cheetos with him?"

Desiree Gamble, Forming Generalist

Sarah B. says, "Des is super smiley and funny. We help each other out and both have twin sisters! "

Sam Wallace, Quality Control Associate

James Snyder, Mechanical Engineer

Eva says, "Whether he's designing a new tool for the production team, planning an adventure or building a Magic deck, James takes every job seriously, but never himself."

Heather Clark, Glaze Generalist

Chelsea says, “Heather has a warm, inviting personality and is quick to make someone new feel welcomed. Also her dog’s eyebrow game is on point!”

Freddy Watkins - Forming Generalist

Freddy Watkins, Forming Generalist

Faye says, "Hailing from a mysterious land known as Eastern North Carolina Freddy is a budding mug maker inspired by hot wings and smooth handles"

Donnie Bishop, Forming Generalist

Karla Valdez, Mold Shop Generalist

Bill Campbell, Production Support

Alejandra says, "Well, Bill is a great person, his attitude is always positive, open to help and support, plus full of great ideas. It's great to have him in the EF team."

Demonta' Blunt, Sales Associate, Asheville

Allison S. says, "It's always so sweet to see how Demonta' cares for all the plants in the shop, making sure they're watered and getting enough sun, rotating them throughout the store to show them off. They get the VIP treatment."

Emily Feldman, People Operations Manager

Sheila says, "Emily is my best bud at work, but she had rather be outdoors playing!"

Emma Whitney, Glaze Generalist

Mads says, "Emma and I have something in common, which is: woodworking! We have been exchanging tips and tricks and so far it's very clear that Emma knows a whole lot more than I do and is so generous with advice on the use of sandpaper, which stores to go to around here etc. In other words: pure gold for me!"

Karl Knutson, Mold Shop Generalist

Karl Knutson, Mold Shop Generalist

Meagan Gillion, Order Picker

Meagan Gillion, Order Picker

Patrice Audette, Sales Associate

Patrice Audette, Sales Associate

Joseph Doak, Glaze Generalist

Joseph Doak, Glaze Generalist

Mike Suber, Pug Mill Assistant

Miguel Monreal Troyano, Forming Generalist

Miguel Monreal Troyano, Forming Generalist

Advisors & Consultants

Philip Cooper, Certified Peer Support Counselor

Philip runs a staffing agency here in Asheville that focuses on supportive employment for justice-involved citizens. Philip is a real force of nature. We have worked with him for several years and he has brought us a lot of amazing people.

Brad Wilson, Advisor

Brad is a former founder of a food and beverage company from Australia and now based in Canada. Brad's experience in running a high growth business to over 100 employees and adding in-house manufacturing and distribution capabilities provides a useful perspective for the daily challenges faced by East Fork.

Amy Chender, Advisor

Amy Chender was the Chief Operating Officer and the Director of Social Responsibility Amy was an early investor and she now sits on our advisory board - we come to her for any all questions everything from brand and resale strategy.

Desiree Adaway, Consultant in Diversity and Inclusion

The Executive Team works with Desiree at the Adaway Group for 1:1 business coaching through a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion lens.