The Dish

The Dish

Quarterly talks with East Fork’s founders Alex and John and me, (Connie), to get a behind the scenes look into our little corner of the world. We’ll give you a glimpse into where our heads are, what current hurdles we’re facing at the moment, and how our plans are shifting and evolving. We’ll talk about finance, marketing, manufacturing, values, social media—no topic is off limits!


Episode #4

In this episode The Dish, East Fork's founders talk about big things that happened in recent weeks: changes in leadership roles, a new company-wide minimum wage, Climate Neutral certification—and how Connie, Alex and John, along with new COO Zoe Dadian, worked with each other and with experts to do the necessary introspection and have a long series of conversations that made it all happen. They answer questions about honing the vision for the company, its voice, its aesthetics and even about the financial reporting software John uses. Alex talks about harboring hare-brained schemes then spilling them to Connie at home. Also mentioned: new machinery coming from Portugal and an idea on the horizon that could become the next version of the East Fork Flea.


Episode #3

In this episode of The Dish, East Fork's founders answer burning questions from viewers about the business of making pottery in the United States. They talk about everything from financial goals for 2021; expanding our facilities and production and doing so in a way that considers the entire staff's mental health; and recruitment and hiring (Hint: the more fully-realized the job descriptions, the more it will be an expert guide). What new pottery form will join our pottery lineup, taking its place beside The Mug? What are the founders' all-time favorite glazes: current and retired? You'll have to watch to find out.


Episode #2

In this episode of The Dish, East Fork's founders get down to the nitty-gritty, courtesy of thoughtful questions from viewers about running a manufacturing business with integrity. Alex talks about the importance of finding the right mentors and learning from the values-centered companies he admires. John discusses methods for setting East Fork's prices in light of overhead and value, and how to discern when a company's momentum indicates it could be time to scale. Connie ruminates on finding in one's workplace an opportunity to dismantle systemic racism and shares a brush with zealous pot flippers. What do they say about how well East Fork has stayed true to their original vision and tips for holding on to the excitement of the dreamy early days of working together?


Episode #1

In this, the first episode of The Dish, East Fork's founders introduce themselves and the purpose of The Dish: to check in with customers as part of the mission to be a radically transparent company, answering their questions on a quarterly basis. Come for the business talk about getting the factory running again in late July 2020 with two shifts (an East Fork first!); the ever-relevant realities of supply and demand in light of Covid and the pre-order model; being on the threshold of becoming a Certified B-Corporation; and making plans for offsetting the carbon footprint that's the inevitable result of running gas-powered kilns. Stay for a discussion about working to dismantle the oppressive parts of capitalism for employees and customers alike, and for a meditation on the technical aspects of making The Mug.