Camper's Starter Kit

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All that's missing are the marshmallows. Go exploring with this set that includes our favorite pocket knife, multipurpose bandana, Japanese tool box, and open fire cookbook.


Adventure is out there! For backcountry or backyards, this set contains our go-to favorites that help us feel prepared. Now the only question is: what to cook? We reach for the Campout Cookbook, 75+ recipes for meals, packing for snacking on hikes and nice things to eat while gazing at the stars or a campfire. Plus ideas for drinks, too! In one pocket: our East Fork bandana, designed for us by Jenni Earle, super soft and wearable. In the other pocket: our Higonokami, a Japanese folding pocket knife to work on anything and everything. And on the table: our steel tool box, made in Japan, filled with what we need for the trip.