Ayocote Morado Beans


  • 1 lb bag of dried Ayocote Morado Beans
  • A thick-skinned runner bean great for soups, chilis and casseroles
  • The texture goes from starchy to creamy with a good, long, simmer
  • Grown in Mexico as part of the Rancho Gordo-Xoxoc Project—proceeds from this bean’s sales are donated to No More Deaths, an organization providing water and assistance to immigrants and refugees along the US border

“As you cook these heirloom beans and other grains and ingredients, keep in mind that we have a common New World culture with Mexico and the rest of the Americas. What you are doing isn’t exotic and esoteric. It’s continuing traditions that are well-established for a reason. I think most of us who are immigrants to the Americas are staying, so rather than constantly trying to reproduce English gardens or European wine, it’s nice to know what’s from here and discover ways of incorporating these ingredients into your kitchen. New World food is exciting, tasty, healthy, romantic, and possibly, easier on the earth.”—Rancho Gordo Founder, Steve Sando