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Let us wax poetic about this gorgeous waxed canvas apron.

There are many aprons out there but this is the only one that stopped us in our tracks. Aesthetically, it’s an easy favorite, its color beckoning one to step outside to sow seeds or weed the weeds or re-pot some overgrown plants, then dab off the dirt and cook a meal. And in the quest for highest-quality items that you really can count on to last you for a preposterously long time, this is the apron.

Care: Forget the washer and dryer here. Spot clean with a damp towel. Use castile soap, a soft brush and a light hand if heavier cleaning is needed. Rubbing too hard can result in dye loss, so go easy. Air dry.  You can re-wax the canvas if you like. The manufacturer recommends that you use Martexin Original Wax and closely follow the instructions on the container.


  • A versatile and timeless apron that’s truly a keeper
  • In a remarkably satisfying shade of dark green
  • Made in the United States 
  • 10.10 oz. army duck waxed canvas and straps made of oil-tanned leather with copper rivets
  • Measurements 29" wide and 34" long and has waist straps that are 36” long
  • Two pockets for keeping things handy
  • Water-resistant