Evros Sesame Seeds



The secret ingredient to open up a world of possibilities.

Sesame seeds are one of those pantry items that become an easy staple you’ll keep finding new ways to enjoy. Here are some of our favorite ways: toasted and baked into homemade bread, folded into tahini cookies, or sprinkled over rice, salads or roasted veggies for an extra crunch.

These sesame seeds are packaged by Daphnis & Chloe, a small collective with a mission of supporting small organic farmers in Greece and bringing the country’s best herbs and plants to the globe. Like with all their spices and seasonings, this sesame has a more potent flavor than your average supermarket find.

Pro tip: roast the seeds for an even more robust, rich flavor.


  • An heirloom variety of sesame grown in Greece since ancient times
  • Has a distinct nutty, earthy flavor
  • Grown on an organic farm in Greece
  • Dimensions: 90g