Happy Hour Set

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  • Marigold bitters are an East Fork exclusive, crafted by our friends at Heilbron Herbs, just down the road in Marshall, North Carolina.
  • Bitters ingredients: sugar cane alcohol, Western Carolina-grown tangerine gem marigold, bronze fennel, angelica root
  • Candied cherries soaked in Luxardo marasca cherry syrup are gluten free, non GMO, Kosher certified, vegan friendly and have no preservatives. Produced in Torreglia, Italy.

For the home bartender always on the hunt for special ingredients.

Two products that take cocktails or mocktails to the next level. These bitters are the perfect complement to an ice-cold gin martini or bring intrigue to your sparkling water. They'll also give your beverage some lovely color. The classic Luxardo maraschino cherries are the perfect top off to a Manhattan, Tequila Sunrise or Shirley Temple. Spoon the liqueur over ice cream or cheesecake for a decadent and delicious treat.