Japanese Tool Box



Get a handle (literally) on the things you carry around with you.

Tote bags are great but they aren’t the be-all, end-all. Your things end up in a jumble, pencil points broken, bananas bruised. And you’ll never look as intriguing as you would with this sleekness in your hand. What’s in there? Maybe it’s hammers and screwdrivers and maybe it’s the brush you’ll use to paint your masterpiece and some makeup, some jewelry. With luck, there’s cookies and the letter from a friend you’ll read while you eat them.

The Maker:

Toyo Steel has been producing metal goods in Osaka since 1969. This box looks like it could have been made at any moment over all those years in its timeless, utilitarian chic.


  • A box for toting and storing tools of all sorts and looking very cool while doing so
  • Constructed from a single steel sheet of steel—no sharp edges!
  • Available in black
  • Made in Japan
  • Dimensions: 13" long, 5.25" wide, and 3.5" tall