Mujun Kitchen Towel



Designed for drying knife blades, this towel is also an ace with glasses and dishes.

Mujun is a design and craft collective based in rural Japan that is dedicated to keeping traditional craft alive and providing a livelihood for people engaged in this work. (Mujun means “contradiction” in Japan, which speaks to the idea of bringing back the old ways of making objects in a world that often seems to favor speed, efficiency and sameness.)

Since its inception in 2008, Mujun has worked with artisans to modernize their designs and find for them a wider audience. Over time, more young people became interested in learning these skills from the veteran artisans. In 2020, Mujun bought a large plot of mountainous forest land to develop a village where everyone is a craftsperson. We love that this towel is part of that dream.


  • No, let me dry the dishes.
  • An oversized towel that gets more absorbent as you double up the fabric
  • Made in Japan of 100% cotton
  • Color: natural
  • Dimensions: 23”L x 23” W
  • Machine wash and dry. Note: Please wash before first use.