Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables



The cookbook that’s also a calendar and a shopping list.

You’ll find other cookbooks that are structured around the seasons but this is the one that we return to, year after year. You’ll find autumn, winter and spring—and summer, “where the action is,” comes in three waves, much like the offerings in shops and farmers markets. McFadden hopes readers find these recipes, made using what he calls mostly quite ordinary ingredients and methods, “delicious, even revelatory…but never fussy.” 

2018 James Beard Award Winner for Vegetable-Focused Cooking

About the Authors:

Joshua McFadden is the founder of Submarine Hospitality in Portland, Oregon. He owns and manages Ava Gene’s, Cicoria,  and Tusk restaurants. He’s also published Grains for Every Season. 

Martha Holmberg is a cookbook author who has also served as editor in chief of Fine Cooking magazine and food editor of The Oregonian newspaper. She also co-wrote, with Joshua McFadden, Grains for Every Season

“Joshua McFadden has the soul of a farmer, and his recipes are beautifully in tune with the seasons and the land.”

—Alice Waters, owner of Chez Panisse