A Day in The Garden

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Our green thumb starter kit includes a pair of Japanese pruning shears, handcrafted myrtlewood trug, heavy duty waxed canvas apron, and galvanized watering can.

We love to play in the dirt: sowing seeds, nurturing plants and enjoying our own harvest. Experienced and novice gardeners can use this set every day of the growing season. Slip on the Hardmill Seattle timeless waxed canvas apron for heavy duty dirt activity, and move right into the kitchen for cooking. The Japanese galvanized iron watering can won't rust and has a removable nozzle that can be turned in any direction. Collect those beets and radishes in the handcrafted Myrtlewood trug that sits oh so steadily beside you in among the garden beds. And keep plants trim and healthy with our favorite pair of pruning shears.


  • Hardmill Seattle Apron: 10.10 oz. army duck waxed canvas and straps made of oil-tanned leather with copper rivets. Measurements 29" wide and 34" long and has waist straps that are 36” long
  • Galvanized Iron Watering Can holds four liters. Dimensions: 25” L x 8” D x 7” H
  • Japanese Pruning Shears: 7 ¾” long. Made of forged steel.
  • Myrtlewood Trug: Large