Unique Greek Sage


  • This Unique Greek Sage or Salvia Fruticosa has more vigorous taste and fragrance than common Sage
  • Harvested by farmers on the island of Crete, this Sage is great for infusing and seasoning
  • 14 g, 3.25” x 2” jar 

You’d be wise to invite this sage to your pantry.

This sage will blow your grocery store spice out of the water. This robust variety (salvia fruticosa) is the most common type of sage grown along the Aegean Sea islands and is more intensely flavored and fragrant than what’s grown in North America.

Try frying the leaves whole and using as tasty garnish, use to flavor meats and sauces, or brew the leaves as a tea. This space is packaged by Daphnis & Chloe, a small collective with a mission of supporting small organic farmers in Greece and bringing the country’s best herbs and plants to the globe.


  • A fragrant and strongly flavored sage Grown on an organic farm in Crete, processed by hand
  • Product of Greece
  • Dimensions: 14g