To be used in place of "IMWITHTHEBAND Discount collection" and for any other discounts. This collection excludes small batch, raffles, sets, Seconds, and any other items we want to exclude from discount codes.
The Mug The Mug

The Mug

$40 - $46

Small Mug Small Mug

Small Mug

$32 - $36

Big Mug Big Mug

Big Mug

$50 - $56

Bread Lamp Bread Lamp

Bread Lamp

$79 - $250

White Tamari White Tamari

White Tamari

$11.20 $16

Cake Stand Cake Stand

Cake Stand

$168.75 $225

Soup Night Soup Night

Soup Night

$250 $280

Kulhad Set Kulhad Set

Kulhad Set

$105 $117