A limited-edition set for chai lovers and chai discoverers

On a potter’s wheel, East Fork’s Cade Hollomon-Cook threw iterations of this ceramic vessel that were informed by images of traditional chai cups from India sent over from Sana Javeri Kadri, Diaspora Co.’s founder. One of those vessels became the prototype for the form that we made in small numbers in the factory and glazed in Rococo, a seasonal glaze that was a big hit last fall. Of this process, Cade said, “As a person that is excited by form and the minute intricacies that influence the experience of use, I was thrilled to receive the reference images of the kulhads from Sana. The small, handleless cups had a subtle taper in the form line, widening to a full rim filled with tea. I hoped to express that ease and hope it comes across in use.”

Diaspora Co. calls the chai that is part of this set their “dream blend”: rich in cardamom and ginger, sweet with fennel and cinnamon, and spicy with a touch of pepper and cloves, and a guaranteed same-year harvest to ensure the best flavor, potency, and freshness. Diaspora Co. pays an average 6x premium for these spices, which come from 40 small, regenerative family farms across India and Sri Lanka. The tea in this bundle is what Diaspora Co. calls “the tea of choice for the millions of cups of chai made every day on the subcontinent.” A stiff, medium-strength cup, it holds up beautifully to milk and spices. It’s organically farmed on Chota Tingrai, one of the first tea estates to be owned and operated by an Indian family in independent India. Sweeten chai to taste with Diaspora Co.’s Madhur Jaggery which is clarified using traditional methods of incorporating wild okra and other herbs to remove the impurities, then stone-ground to retain its flavor.


  • An East Fork form made just for this collaboration with everything you need for a great cup of chai from Diaspora Co.
  • Bundle contains: East Fork Chai Kulhad in Rococo, Diaspora House Blend Chai Masala, Single Estate Chota Tingrai Tea, Madhur Jaggery Powder and a stainless steel tea strainer
  • Dimensions: Mug: 3 ⅛” x 3 ½” and holds 7 ounces to the brim; Chai: 1.98 oz; Tea: 1.13 oz; Jaggery powder: 3.73 oz
  • Bottom of kulhad is stamped with the East Fork and Diaspora Co. logos
  • Ingredients: Chai: makhir ginger, peni miris cinnamon, aranya pepper, iniya cardamom, kandyan cloves, lucknowi fennel; Tea: broken orange pekoe tea leaves; Jaggery Powder: organically clarified, stone ground Madhur jaggery powder that comes from sugarcane intercropped with turmeric