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Sew Co

East Fork Linen Napkin

East Fork Linen Napkin

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There are cloth napkins and then there are these, made of linen and made in East Fork's local area.


We wanted the best, so we went to Sew Co., an Asheville-based manufacturer of highly crafted sewn objects that has socially responsible values, a commitment to living wages and a passion for exquisite craft. Here is the evidence: napkins made of linen from Belgium's storied Libeco, a fifth-generation family business whose mills have provided the world with top-quality textiles since 1858. The flax woven into the fiber will give you all the slubs and knots.


  • 100% Belgian linen napkins made exclusively for East Fork
  • Multiple tones that complement our glaze colors
  • Sold individually
  • Wash cold, lay flat or tumble dry
  • Dimensions: A generous 20” x 20”
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