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Saikai Toki Trading Inc

Flower Frogs

Flower Frogs

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The secret to elegant floral arrangements lets you ditch the green foam.

In ikebana, the art of traditional Japanese floral arrangement, kenzan often play a crucial role. You may know this handy device as a “pin frog.” They make it easy to create architectural arrangements, securely holding the pierced stems in place. With the help of kenzan, you’re no longer limited to tall, cylindrical vases.  Maybe a Coupe is your next floral arrangement vessel?


  • Brass spikes are set in a stainless steel and rubber base that’s designed to stay in place in your vase. Be sure to cover with water.
  • Dimensions: Small: 2” diameter, Medium: 2.5” diameter
  • Made in Japan
  • Care: Hand wash. Also, be careful when handling: the spikes are sharp!
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