Gardener's Watering Can



An elegant incentive to get to your daily watering routine

As beautiful as it is functional, this watering can might remind you of the one your grandmother kept on the porch, probably passed down from her grandparents. It holds what most users will find a manageable amount of water, which you can pour with control thanks to the spout you can reposition. This is good news for delicate blooms that benefit more from water flowing gently over the spout than a downward pour. 


  • A galvanized watering can with timeless style that’s made of a material that won’t rust, either
  • Made in Japan by Onoe Seisakusho, a manufacturer of high-quality tin products that was founded in 1948
  • Holds four liters
  • Dimensions: 25” L x 8” D x 7” H
  • Materials: galvanized iron plate body and handle with a removable nozzle that can be turned in any direction