Cocktail Bitters



Heilbron Herbs are tenderly and regeneratively farmed and wild-harvested in Western North Carolina. 100% of their herbs and plants are grown here in the U.S. We hope to inspire stewardship of the lands that give to us so fruitfully.

  • An East Fork exclusive, crafted by our friends at Heilbron Herbs, just down the road in Marshall
  • Ingredients: Clitoria flower, Aronia berry, Orange peel, Lilac flower, Lavender flower, extracted in cane alcohol and water, raw Appalachian mountain honey
  • 4 oz bottle

Banish boring bitters! Buy these for bodacious beverages, bar none!

Meet Who Makes It

Saralyn Bellmer harvesting herbs

Saralyn Bellmer

"All the herbs for Heilbron’s tisanes come from farmers in North Carolina. Saralyn buys herbs fresh at harvest and dries them herself in a huge herb dryer she built. While labor-intensive, drying the herbs in this way allows for a high degree of control over the quality for the final product. Once dry, the herbs go to a small mill where machinery cuts them to looseleaf size—though some, like the purple shiso and Amrita tulsi used in Color Therapy, have to be stripped by hand."


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